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New York, New York

Patriot Ancestors


Samuel Blackman, Private

Josiah Davis, Private

Barzilla Delano, Private

Samuel Denning, Seaman, Patriotic Service

Abel Dinsmore, Captain

James Harkness, Patriotic Service

Joseph Ingalls, Private

Noah Brooks Kimball, Private, Civil Service

William Mann, Private

Ebnezer Perkins, Corporal

Stephen Reynolds, Private

Thaddeus Russell, Civil Service

Gideon Shepard, Lieutenant

James Walker, Lieutenant

New Jersey

William Biggs, Lieutenant

Joshua Case, Private

Elihu Chadwick, Lieutenant

Jacobus Demarest, Private

Abraham Ten Eyck, Corporal

Joseph Zane Collins, Solider

Obediah Herbert, Private

Bateman Lloyd, Sr, Civil Service, Patriotic Service

Joseph Lynn, Staff Officer

Daniel Stockton, Patriotic Service

Joshua Stokes, Patriotic Service

Crisparius Van Nostrand, Private

New York

Abraham Bevier, Private, Patriotic Service

Joshua Conkey, Captain., Civil Service, Patriotic Service

John Dings, Private

John Langdon, Private. Patriotic Service

Mordecai Mendenhall, Patriotic Service

Moses Mingus, Private

Benjamin Montanye, Patriotic Service, Solider

Peter Puff, Private

Benjamin Seaman, Private, Patriotic Service

Benjamin Simmons, Private

Elisha Smith, Private

John Joost Warner, Private

Nathaniel Woodhull, Brigadier General

John Yerks, Private

North Carolina

William Gallemore, Solider

Abraham Harrell, Private, Civil Service

John Lewis, Patriotic Service

John Robinson, Non Commission

Ninian Steel, Solider

William Underwood, Captain


Josiah Bronson, Patriotic Service

Abraham Chichester, Patriotic Service

David Chichester, Private

Abijah Comstock, Patriotic Service

Enoch Comstock, Private

Elijah Cone, Patriotic Service

Phineas Cone, Corporal

Roswell Cone, Private

Nathaniel Crissey, Patriotic Service, Solider

Thomas Delano Sr., Patriotic Service, Civil Service, MM

Ransford Avery Ferris, Private

Jonathan Fish, Patriotic Service

Titus Hinds, Private

Justus Hoyt, Sergeant

Solomon Leet, Sr, Private

Gamaliel Little, Cornet

Nathan Lounsbury, Patriotic Service, Private

Jesse Morgan, Private

Joel Phelps, Patriotic Service

Andrew Powers, Sergeant

Eliphalet Seeley, Lieutenant

John Thorne, Civil Service, Patriotic Service

Abraham Weed, Civil Service, Patriotic Service

Benjamin Weed, Patriotic Service, Sergeant

Charles Weed, Civil Service, Patriotic Service

Elnathan Weed, Corporal

Levi Wentworth, Private

James Wentworth, Patriotic Service


John Martin, Private


Pierre Daspit St. Amand, Patriotic Service


Thomas Bowles, Patriotic Service

Henry Dennis, Private

Anthony Ricketts, Sr, Patriotic Service

Charles Riggs, Corporal

John Worland, Patriotic Service


Hugh Boone, Patriotic Service

Richard Collins, Sergeant

Michael Danner, Patriotic Service

Richard Delapt, Captain

Adam Diller, Private

Jacob Gaumer, Private

Philipp Gilman, Patriotic Service, Private

John Dieter Honteter, Sergeant

John Kinter, Private

Zephaniah Lott, Captain

Christian Singer, Private

Rhode Island

Anthony Spencer, Marines

Abraham Winsor, Captain

South Carolina

James Adams, Soldier

Simon Bryan, Solider

James Young, Lieutenant, Civil Service


Joseph Rudd, Jr., Lieutenant


William Abney, Private

Robert Ashby, Patriotic Service

William Ballard, Corporal, Patriotic Service

John Barham, Jr., Private

Ninian Beall, Private

Frances Chiles Breeden, Patriotic Service

Samuel Campbell, Captain

Sanford Carder. Private

Levi Carter, Private

Joseph Davis, Private

Sherwood Fowler, Private

Samuel Ferguson Ens, Patriotic Service

Henry Haynes, Patriotic Service

James Hardwick, Patriotic Service

Robert Kent, Patriotic Service

John Kincheloe, Patriotic Service

Charles Lee, Patriotic Service

Joseph Dabbs Lee, Patriotic Service

Dempsey Marshall, Patriotic Service, Lieutenant

John Miller, Patriotic Service

Peter Montague Private

John Nutter, Private Service

Darius O'Neal, Private

Michael Reasor, Private

John Slaughter, Civil Service

John Sykes, Private

Thomas Self, Private

William Turpin, Ens, Private Service

Valentine Wood, Civil Service

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